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If you’re looking for a better yard and more comfort out of your mower then you’re in the right place. Make your neighbor green with envy on the Lawn Tractor Series, packing the most comfort and highest quality cut on the market. Or if you are looking for something to save a little time, try out our Zero Turn Mowers. The ease of driving and maneuverability of these machines will speed up your mowing and give you more time to enjoy your pristine property.

12 Months N0-Payments/No-Interest followed by 17.9 APR/ACR on S240 Lawn Tractors

4.90% APR/ACR fixed rate for 48 Months onX300 Select Series™ & X500Lawn Tractors
0% APR/ACR for 60 Months* on X700 Signature Series™ Lawn Tractors

John Deere S240 Series

The Series X-class has “among the longest-lasting [engines]; heavier-duty transmissions that are well-suited to towing or pushing; and sturdy construction you can feel when you’re driving,” Perratore writes:

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John Deere X300 Series

Get around all kinds of things in your yard with X300 Select Series Lawn Tractors. Select Models are equipped with four-wheel steering to help you get around anything, power steering to make it even easier and the responsive Twin Touch™ foot pedals for pinpoint control forward and reverse.

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John Deere X500 Series

The next step up from the X300 Series lawn tractor in terms of size, power and performance is the smooth-running X500 lawn tractor for a powerful cut on all kinds of terrain.

READ:A good reason to stand up for our lawns

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John Deere X700 Series

Our signature in green, yellow and steel. Models available with four-wheel steering, full-time four-wheel drive, EFI and diesel engines for the ultimate in power and performance. Signature series John Deere tractors deliver legendary durability with a 4 years / 700 bumper to bumper warranty.
Electronic fuel injection
Power steering and hydraulic lift
4-year/700-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty

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Z300 Series Zero-Turn Mowers

A full line of economical, easy-to-use mowers that offer several different levels of comfort. You can mow well, up to 11 km/h, with a precision cut thanks to the superior Accel Deep™ Mower Decks.

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Z500 Series Zero-Turn Mowers

More capable with a larger frame and fuel tank, this full line of mowers provides even more comfort features and helps you get the job done quickly with speeds up to 14.5 km/h and mower decks up to 62 inches.

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Z700 Series Zero-Turn Mowers

This full line of heavy-duty mowers provides the ultimate in comfort with the ability to mow in tough terrain, featuring models with speeds up to 16 km/h and a large 8 US gallon fuel tank for mowing more, stopping less.

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